LIC should not depend on the moron Axis Bank


  1. I have a Platinum LIC card no. 46XXXXXXXXXX2141
  2. I have standing instruction for 6 policies, which are to be deducted from my LIC card.
  3. One of them is: 413929090 DOC: 28.05.96. Premium Rs. 4126
  4. As the scheduled date of payment was just 3-day-before the activation of card (1 June, 2012), I asked (date not remembered) the customer care through my registered mobile ( +91930630707)for following clarification: May I have to pay it or you? The answer was: “No, you have to pay this”.
  5. Therefore my agent took the trouble to pay it on 28/06/2012. [transaction ID:24529657]
  6. I received an SMS from LIC card Service on 07/07/2012, 5.46.36. p.m. that stated: “You have a new LIC for Rs. 4153.60 due by 11/07/12…”
  7. I was surprised and worried as I do not have such policy with such amount.
  8. I immediately called Customer Care. They do not pay any heed to my problem and said that they would do according to the LIC’s instruction. And I must have to contact LIC for cancellation of such erroneous instruction. They refused to take any complaint or necessary action.
  9. And LICcard spent Rs. 4153.60 (with penalty) on 9th. July for nothing.
  10. Therefore I was bound to pay twice: one without late fee and another with late fee.

I am totally disturbed by the matter and dissatisfied with the LIC-Axis Bank ’collusion’–the network is still incomplete, i.e. the information flow in this newly launched service is yet to be rectified. My earnest request is that first establish co-ordination with LIC, then launch such service.

The last question: how should I be compensated for such harassment? Why should I and my agent spend valuable time for such technical fault? You do spare my tinniest fault. You are too privileged and getting more relative importance than underprivileged customer.


This is to inform you that I’ve three other policies, which were under the mandate:

  1. Policy No. 414151311 DOC: 28.06.98 Premium: Rs. 2700;  2. Policy No.414151284, DOC: 28.06.98. Premium: Rs 2676;  3. Policy No. 577936010 DOC: 28.06.09 Premium: Rs. 10156.  

In case of all these 3 policies, my instructions were not followed and charged with late fees. I did not pay the late fees and gave the exact amount to Axis Bank. My logic is: why should I pay late fees, when my standing instruction clearly shows the last dates of three premiums? It is not my FAULT!!! I’m totally disappointed with Axis Bank service. Moreover, Customer Care personnel are useless chaps –they, could not help me in this regard. Therefore, I’ve cancelled all the standing instructions.


I am  receiving several unsolicited phone calls, e-mails, SMSs, untimely knocking of  courier-persons  for the non-payment of such dubious deductions, though I am repeatedly telling  them not to disturb me. I had got a call (when I was going to switch off my cell) from 03330085019 on 10. 12. 12. at 4.16 p.m., when I was going to present my research paper at an international symposium at Bengaluru. The person refused to tell me his name and  threatened me rudely and my presentation was affected badly for such call though I requested him that before calling person, as a part of civility, he should ask, “Are you busy?”. However, he said, “I don’t wish to learn anything from you.” From that time I’ve decided not to attend such call from unknown/anonymous person. Even I have got this type of defamatory messages: “Your a/c has been under serious non-pymnt issues for a period of time. This will have severe implication to your credit history.Repayment defaults on your existing loan account will hamper your ability to avail of any new loans and facilities.Pls settle your a/c immedtly to avoid severe repurcussions out of legal action.Pl contact us on 033-44072720 to assist you on repaymnts (sic) of your debts.” (received 01:16:19 pm, 06-03-2013) It is something more than surprising!

My son commented on this mess, “I’ve to read history, but Axis Bank does not know the history of customers–poor students! Without knowing pros and  cons of LIC card transactions, they are disturbing my parents. They are launching LICI credit card without any co-ordination with LICI. They do not follow my father’s standing instructions.” This moron bank could not understand simple chronology that even a child can make out.

Therefore, I need to have compensation of Rs. 500000 INR for causing mental agony, depression, frustration, wasting my time, obstructing government employee’s duty etc. And I am earnestly requesting LICI to get rid of this moron Axis bank, which has many forgery cases done by their management stuffs. 


Yours Sincerely,

S/D Dr. Debaprasad Banyopadhyay

14. 03.13


About Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay

Debaprasad Bandyopdhyay (b. 1965), through his 25 years journey in the realm of institutionalized academics did 27 different types of works, which are someway different from the earlier paradigms or, one might say that those works are not only mere reproductions of his inherited institutionalized cultural capital or a mimicry of a colonially imposed model that leads to intellectual anorexia or rather a type falsification of earlier paradigms. However, that might be not only a lofty claim but it also hid the fact that all our information and knowledge are socially accumulated knowledge that was, it is matter of regret, posed as private property through the sign © and the wisdom is rarely available. Bandyopadhyay’s works and projects are the products of his social milieu. Bandyopadhyay is a local sub-altern public sphere academician, who avoids the technical intelligentsia (followers of Sahib’s models and they are not committed to the persons who are accommodating surplus work-time to them by performing surplus labour) or inorganic intellectuals and thus fails to be a part of academic tribe and its subsequent socialization process. Of course, that socialization process does not lead to legendary Socratic dialogue. He is also a political activist though he has not affiliated to any political parties as he was always talking about the corporatization of political parties within the money-sign-based democratic system. He is a regular participant in TV and radio talk-shows and documentary films, street-corners’ talks and International seminars on socio-political, psychological, linguistic, environmental and economic issues. He also writes editorial columns in newspapers. He is also a part of parallel academics as it is found in West Bengal’s Little Magazine Movement, though that was not counted as the part his academic pursuit by his parent institute. His parent institute justifiably does not believe in the domain of parallel academics as this unorganized sector does not directly contribute in the transactions of formal/organized print capitalist eco-enemy paper-publication. Though the dissemination of knowledge is also observed in this space of these parallel academics as all these writings in public sphere simultaneously influence the classroom-discourse and some of them are translated into English, French and Italian. Not only that, Bandyopadhyay also sought engagement with the people, who, by supplying their surplus labour, are sustaining his livelihood. Bandyopadhyay, a linguist by training and a Ph.D.-holder (1996), a junior lecturer (1999-2011) in an autonomous central government institute in India, tries his best for those from he has received and is receiving the manifestation of surplus labour by executing some self-funded projects on economic issues in West Bengal, India. Recently he has got a consolation promotion to the post of Assistant Professor. He has done following 27 research works: 1. Crippled Creativity: An inquiry into language, psyche, society: 2. VALENCY OF BANGLA VERB AND PROBLEM OF COMPOUND VERBS: 3. Archaeology of Bangla Grammar : 4. CAN COMPUTER SPEAK? 5. FUZZY LOGICAL EXPRESSION IN BANGLA : 6. FOLKLORE AND FOLK-LANGUAGE: MYTH OR REALITY? 7. HISTORICISM IN THE DISCOURSE OF BANGLA LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE 8. ABHABA, ECP, DELETION AND TRACE 9. SVATVA OR MY-NESS AND ECONOMIC ENTITLEMEMT 10. TRANSLATION STUDIES 11. MASCULINITY STUDIES 12. YAYATI & BABAR COMPLEX 13. SOCIO-ECONOMIC SURVEYS IN AGRICULTURE AND INDUSTRY IN WEST BENGAL 14. CONCEPT OF BODY IN INDIAN PHILOSOPHY AND ARCHITECTURE 15. THE CONCEPT OF ERROR (KHYATI) IN MAD-(WO)MEN’S LANGUAGE 16. THE CONCEPT OF PERCEPTUAL TIME AND GRAMMATICAL TIME IN BANGLA 17. BANGLA CALLIGRAPHY, LANGUAGE ART AND LINGUISTIC PEDAGOGY 18. WO(L)D SPACES: NON-EXISTENCE OF WORDS 19. ANEKANTA METHODS 20. SILENCEME: SILENT OTHER IN LINGUISTICS 21. IMAGINED BOUDARIES AND PRE-COLONIAL INDIAN IMAGI-NATION 22. MAKING OF THE INDIAN PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE 23. SEGMENTING THE SUPRASEGMENTALS : MUSICKING IN SPEAKING 24. INTERPRETING GENETIC STRUCTURE BY DEPLOYING LINGUISTIC STRUCTURE 25. GLOTTOPOLITICS OF LINGUISTIC SUBALTERNITY OR AN AGENDA FOR PLANNING FROM BELOW 26. SEMIOTICS OF PHOTOGRAPHY 27. SOCIOLOGY OF CONTEMPORARY ACADEMICS
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